Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Santa's Secret

The weather today
So I'm going to start with how I like to make this tea, because it's my review, and I'm an adult who can do what I want!

Today's tea is Santa's Secret.

I steeped the tea with 2 tablespoons PER FOUR CUP POT, and steep it 5 minutes. So it's pretty strong. I also stir the leaves while it steeps so all of the candy cane sprinkles dissolve.

Then I add 1/3 cup skim milk (use whatever milk you have), heat that fucker up. I microwaved it on high I think for 54 seconds. Specifically 54 because I stopped it when it started to bubble.

To that, I add 2 teaspoons of vanilla agave, stirred it around.

Then  poured that awesome hot milk and agave mixture directly into my pot of hot freshly brewed tea, gave it a quick stir.

Then I drank it. All of it. Because it was yummy and I put effort into making it  however little effort is actually was I don't know because I am lazy today

It tasted creamy, vanilla-y, with tiny peppermint afternote. If I had plain peppermint tea, I'd add just a sprinkle more. Like a literal pinch. Just so the afternote becomes a bit stronger.
It inspired me to try this with a bunch of my other black teas, but switch to my maple agave when appropriate.

SO IT WAS DELIGHTFUL. Which actually made it taste a lot like White Chocolate Frost shhhhhhhhhh

But, having it plain...it didn't really make me go "this is a delight yum yum" it made me more think of "did someone add Pure Vanilla to Orange Pekoe?

Kayla's post describes it pretty good actually. So...read that, and take this as evidence that this tea needs extra to taste special so you may as well just get White Chocolate Frost

I can't go to the gym today like I wanted to because of the first blizzard of the year and all the lights need to be on otherwise it's dark inside, so I ARE GRUMP.

Keep on drinking* and stay warm,
Love your grump,


*Whether or not you turn it into a Hot Toddy is up to you. Wiki defines it not how I was taught; tea with booze. Not this. Ignore wiki.

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