Tea Tips & Tricks

Pronounced: "Poo-air" 
Brewing tips: Steep for 5-10 seconds at a time. Most people find 30 seconds is enough. We got this advice from fellow tea enthusiast Nicole Martin.
Because it is the most oxidized, and a lot of the time aged, of the teas it is very strong. So steeping it for too long can really make it taste like crap.
Laura tried steeping her DavidsTea Pu-erh to THEIR instructions, and it turned out really gross, bitter, and a little salty. Then when she tried to steep it with the 5 seconds at a time method, it turned out perfectly, and 25 seconds was enough for an entire pot. Nice and fruity like described. Also, she said the color was much more pink and pretty, as opposed to a weird shade of brownish red.

Pronounced: "Roy-bohs"
Brewing Tips: Honestly, I brew these at about the same temperature as a herbal, or even a black. Creme Brulee from DavidsTea is a really easy brew, and Laura just brings the water to a full boil, it still turns out fantastic.

Pronounced: "Oo-long"
Brewing tips: Oolongs tend to enjoy being steeped more than once. Sometimes it's two, sometimes more! The tea leaves tend to be tightly curled, so when it steeps, you have the full leaf opening in the pot! Beautiful.
Another steeping tip is, if you have a pot with a filter built in, so they can literally just float around the pot, not in a strainer of any sort, that tends to yield a better flavor. At least, that's what Laura found.

Brewing tips: Greens can be a little finicky. They like a lower temperature, just the right amount of leaf, and not to be steeped for too long. Errors on any of these can result in a bitter tea. If you've perfected it, then you'll probably love them. Laura found her fancy kettle has improved her green experience. Then again, she's finicky!

Pronounced: "Ma-t-cha" (The 't' is a soft 't')
Brewing tips: Yes, matcha is a green tea, but it is also VERY unique. You don't strain it, you whisk it. And the water added has a lower temperature than even many traditional greens. It can also be added straight to smoothies and some other baked goods because it is a powder. Which, you will want to do because it is yummy AND good for you.

Brewing tips: Most people have had a black tea of some sort, and the brewing is pretty standard. Bring the water to a full boil. Steep. Add your choice of flavoring, if any.

Brewing tips: Best steeped in milk on stove-top. Or with eggnog, your choice. UNLESS THE STORES HAVE DECIDED THAT EGGNOG ISN'T WORTH STOCKING BECAUSE IT ISN'T NOVEMBER OR DECEMBER. 

this picture is from numerous meme sites, I checked! -L
Brewing tips: Brew this bugger at a lower temperature. Laura brews hers at 185F (the setting on her fancy kettle), and steeps about 4-5 minutes, and it turns out splendidly. They tend to not be as strong as say, a black tea or even some green tea, but they are always a delight.

Herbal/Fruit Blends:
Brewing tips: Herbal and fruit blends can be a bit more versatile. You can steep them at a full boil, but they can do well when brewed a little cooler. Steeping a little UNDER a full boil can give you the best results.
They also can do when being chilled and made into an iced tea (or, add some soda to it and get a tea pop!). Although, with herbals blends, there is a debate that they should not be called "tea" because they are not made with the tea leaf, but we and the Tea Sisters say screw that.


  1. You guys are doing a fantastic job your blogs are very interesting and eye catching too .Being a tea lover i really enjoy by visiting your blog .i usually drink oolong tea and i also know the benefits of oolong tea .Thanks a lot for your blog .
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    1. Thank you! And sorry for the delay in posting your comment! Thanks for reading!

    2. My pleasure to be a part of your discussion.

    3. I take forever to notice things!
      I would just like to add my thanks as well! And also say that I am a SUCKER for oolong, especially milk oolong! :)


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