Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sleigh Ride

Okay so, let me preface by saying I wasn't feeling the best today, so this review is probably going to read as more short and sweet than anything else.

This tea tends to lean itself to the weaker side, so I had to double strength it at 2 tbsp for one pot of tea.
It smells fruity and a little creamy, and very pretty to look at.

I steeped it for like...10 minutes or something.

It looks how kanpe tea tastes.
Honestly, I thought that's what it would taste like.

In the end, it's more bland than anything, and kanpe tastes better and frankly tastes more Christmas-y.

Sleigh Ride LOOKS more festive, that's for sure though.

Good tea, won't buy again because bland.

Now excuse me while I go nap because I am not feeling up to snuff.


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