Tuesday, 31 December 2013

PMS and Menstruation Part 2: Tea I Made

The tea I made:
Part two! Yay!

When I made my own tea mix, I had to get my herbs and/or spices from different sources. No I did not use all the herbs and/or spices listed (mostly because of the fact some were from the same section, or just really hard to find). I'll list them all before I put down my mixes.
I only made one main mix, mainly for my personal generalized symptoms. I lean more towards being super crampy, achey, bloated, and moody. Since my flow is quite heavy, I also get anemic. Essentially, I feel pretty shitty for at least the first 2 days of my cycle, and about 2 days before.
Adjust to your personal needs and/or taste.

I tried to make mine taste as good as possible.

Laura's Mix:
-Organic unpasteurized honey*

Before steeping this mix smelled mostly like lavender and ginger. Not surprising, since they have the two strongest scents out of everything.
Once steeped, it smelled like thyme and fennel.

Because I'm the one who made it, I guess I should put some brewing instructions (they're more like guidelines, really), eh?

1.5 tsp/cup
Steep 5-7 minutes
Water at a rolling boil

It wasn't the worst I've ever tasted. I put in 1.5 tsp of honey for 1cup, so that really helped. It didn't taste too shabby with milk and honey either. This mix tasted like a lavender, ginger tea, with some back notes of fennel. It was nice and light and sweet. The sweetness is purely from the honey, so without it it wouldn't taste nearly as nice.

Most importantly, did this brew work?
Well, after months of trying it...it works decently.

If the cramps are REALLY bad, it will take the edge off, if they are average to light, it can make them go away mostly. It honestly made it go from needing pain meds, to not. At one point pain meds did diddly squat, and this helped.

For bloating, it helped it feel better and made it less bloated.

For moodiness, it just was soothing. It wasn't a fix all all the time, but it relaxed me.

For anemia...well it wasn't an iron supplement or a steak. It helped, but not when I had a heavy flow. When it was a normal flow, it did give me a boost.

See you next week!

*Honey is a natural sweetener, and overall just good for you. Fun fact, honey that is pasteurized becomes essentially honey-flavored corn syrup. So, remember to buy UNPASTEURIZED honey! Putting honey in hot water will not pasteurize it, but microwaving it will. I got mine at my local grocery store. It was the Compliments brand and not super expensive for the size of jar I got.

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