Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Shirley Temple

I'm trying this one with my amazing cousin!

It's fucking fantastic there are like no words. With about 4ish tbsp of honey, and 50 grams and like 7 cups of water it is so amazing you have no idea. It's like true blue fruit punch, without any sort of juice or soda added.

(I typed up something huge, but my computer deleted it so fuck that)

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Electric Lemonade

I made electric lemonade and it was great! My friend Fiona came over and she liked the plain lemonade more so than I did.

I used almost 50g to 5 cups of water, then added about another 2-3 cups of water once I put it in the fridge. I also added 3 tbsp of sugar.

To me, that wasn't sweet enough. But once I added some white cranberry juice, it was once of the best things ever. Sweet and tart, but not bitter. I was also 10000% upset that it wasn't electric pink, but hey. Can't win everything!

7/10 would do again!

Up next, shirley

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

#bad at time managment

Okay so, this weekend I got too busy with wedding prep stuff. So I really didn't type up the post I prepared.

So I'm making it today, and posting it Tuesday.

Have pictures of my dog to soothe you.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Hiatus - Kayla

All posts from Kayla will be on hold until further notice.

I have some very important family matters going on and until I am back in the right frame of mind, I am giving myself a break from tea updates.
I do not know when this will be.

My apologies.


Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Huckleberry Tea (type 2)

So this is the second type of huckleberry tea I've gotten, and I think it may be better than the first one I tried. It's more huckleberry and less tea. It's actually one I want to try sweetened and iced. I would have today, but it's been cold. And I really don't want to drink cold tea when it's been cold and raining.

But, mostly I've been obsessing and spending time with my new puppy! Her name is Honey and she's perfect in every way.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

28 Day FitDetoxTea - Intro (it's super long)

So, I decided -out of boredom and slight desperation- that I would give one of those "detox" teas a go.
But not for what you might think!!!

I chose FitDetox because, while their ad work is misogynistic bullshit pictures of sexualised women showing of their hot bodies (which they most certainly did not obtain by just drinking tea, but nevertheless make you feel like a fat piece of shit - but I digress), they don't really seem to bullshit, it's "100% organic", and there are no laxatives.

It's a two-tea system. With a Morning Detox, and a Bedtime Cleanse.
All about helping your body do its natural detox. (detoxing just means pooping/peeing - the only way to actually detox) And they are quite honest about it. You need to DIET and EXERCISE to lose weight.

Their claimed benefits:
  • Suppresses Appetite
  • Speeds Up Metabolism
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Increases Energy
  • Reduces Bloating
  • Clears Skin
As someone with IBS and hormone madness, those benefits seemed rather nice (read: OHGODSYESPLEASEGIVETHOSETHINGSTOMENOW)

Funny enough, GREEN TEA. GREEN TEA has been scientifically proven to aid in weighloss when you consume about 5-8 cups a day (which I will have tried a 14 day challenge of before this challenge)! But this tea doesn't contain any green tea - something I think would TOTALLY work for them.

It's all about the detox - cleanse that colon!


Detox Tea Ingredients:
Organic Fennel Seed, Organic Nettle Leaf, Marshmallow Leaf, Marshmallow Root,
Calendula Flower, Hawthorn Berries.

Cleanse Tea Ingredients:
Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Basil Leaf, Olive Leaf, Organic Fennel Seed,
Organic Nettle Leaf, Marshmallow Leaf

Pricing: It's is kind of expensive considering the simple ingredients... Even with the constantly marked down 28 day package from $64.95 down to $54.95, and the "today only" (not really-it's always there) extra 20% off. This is also in US dollars, so as a Canadian, I really didn't save a single damn dollar from the price I was looking at initially. (Whommp whomp)
But shipping is free! And I got my tea in 13 business days. Coming from Australia with free shipping, I didn't find it that bad.


My review will NOT be based on a weightloss regime. I will not be following the meal plan, I will not be following the exercise plan.
I am trying this tea to see if it will help with my awful digestion problems - NOT weightloss.
I want to share how it works and what it does for my DIGESTIVE HEALTH without changing anything about what I normally do.

Thanks very much for suffering through that incredible intro.

Stay tuned.


Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Okay so I'm being bad.

I don't have a review for today. For at least more of a reason than I forgot! #stillembarassed #whyamiusinghashtags?

1) We're meeting our potential new puppy today (Monday), and out of excitement I slept like 4 hours Sunday night. So Monday is being spent being lazyish
2) I've been super busy with new house stuff, I still have laundry to fold and put away
3) I'm getting a cold
4) Wedding planning. Enough said

I'm sorry and promise to have a review for next week! It will still be summer teas, because I'm remaining in denial.