Thursday, 12 December 2013

Spiced Fig

Spiced Fig from DavidsTea

Ingredients: Apples, cranberries, black mission figs, calimyrna figs, dates, almonds, rose hips, cloves, natural vanilla flavoring.

 Ah, the classic fruit in a pudding from the Christmas being demanded for by obsessive carolers. Figs.
Let me be clear, I do not like figs. They are a disturbing fruit created via wasp sex. That's right, WASP SEX. Look it up and gag along with me. 

I'm doing this or you. Therefore, I do not like you right now...

The smell is very off-putting, I really do not like it... but sometimes taste is better than smell when it comes to tea, so I steeped it for the 8 of suggested 6-8 minutes. I was hoping the crazy overbearing cranberry to fig ratio would help me get through this tea, but no... 

Wait for it... it's a first... are you ready for this???

I do not like this tea.
At all.

It tastes like someone threw a fig newton in warm water... only without the awesome cookie sweetness... It's just a fig in water. It has a lot of ingredients, but I just don't taste any of them!

I don't know how else to describe it. It tastes like baby's first tea. Bland, far too light, I just can't bring myself to drink any more. I won't even be finishing this cup. YUCK

No thank you. Not for me.

Happy Steeping,

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