Tuesday, 10 December 2013

White Chocolate Frost

The weather outside is frightful, but the tea inside's delightful!
Please ignore the grammar, I hope it will fill you with some laughter,

Stop the stop, stop the snow, stop the snow!

See the peppercorns?
Did you enjoy my song? You fucking better have. I had to google words that rhyme with grammar for that shit.

I love this tea.

I put in 1 tbsp, as usual. Steeped for...I'm not really sure. I was doing some chores and forgot. In my fancy glass teapot, because I wanted to. And that's how I motherfuckin' roll.

The tea tastes like those white chocolate peppermint candies. It tastes great hot, it tastes good cold.

When hot, it warms the soul. It really brings out the sweet, smooth, creamy-ness of the white chocolate.
When cold, it is super refreshing - like after dinner mints are supposed to be! You absolutely taste the peppermint more.

Seriously though, it's pepperminty, chocolately, and just a nice smooth drink. It's just want I needed to make me feel better about the horrible iOS update with my Galaxy.
Buy it, drink it, enjoy it. You won't regret it.

I mean, it isn't the prettiest tea to look it, but that's why you ingest it, not look at it.

 Stay warm, my friends!


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