Who are you?

Laura and Kayla.

You can check our bios here (Kayla) and here (Laura). Since we're far too awesome to be contained in the FAQ!

Why did you start this blog?

We both love tea, like to write, share our opinions, and wanted a fun hobby. Neither of us were too sure what we wanted to do, we just knew what we didn't want to do.
Together we tossed around the idea of a tea blog as a joke for a little while, then we decided to get serious about it and start one. Well, and now here we are!
For Laura, she wanted a hobby that wouldn't leave her -or her hands- sore or tired, and that would fit around her schedule and inability to drive.
For Kayla, she just loves to write (and drink tea, duh!) and it shows in her great rambling posts. (Brace yourselves)

How often do you post?

There are about 3 posts per week. Tuesday is Laura's review day, Friday is Kayla's review day, and a random post about random tea related things is shared in there somewhere. (Kayla has tried to have it set up for Thursdays)
Depending on how we feel that day/week, there may be a bonus post in there, just to keep all of you guys on your toes!

Loose leaf or bagged?

For us, if we like the flavor we'll drink it, and we're down to try pretty much anything. Whether it is a bag from a box, or a tea that cost $30.00 for 50g!
Laura tries to avoid tea with nuts in it. Her fiance is allergic to peanuts, and therefore all nut are out of bounds. Accidentally killing him would not be the best.
Kayla really hates licorice, ginger and lemongrass, but as long as they aren't prominent flavours, all bets are off.

What infusers do you use?

Laura uses David's Perfect Infuser with the Bamboo base (it's holding up perfectly and she hasn't managed to break it yet. No stains either) from DavidsTea.

Kayla uses specialty bags for her loose leaf when she's at work, but at home she uses The Steeper from DavidsTea. Easy and fun! She also uses a super adorable little metal/rubber steeper that her best friend got her one year for Christmas that she just loves for larger leaf teas (big holes).

What type of tea pots and cups do you use?

For reviewing, Laura uses her handy glass tea cup. It's made of thicker glass so it keeps the heat, and it's clear so she can get amazing pictures. For everyday use, she basically just grabs the biggest cup available.
The tea pot she uses is just a very basic, porcelain tea pot.  Nothing special about it. One day she wants to get a really nice glass pot.

Kayla has two cast iron tea pots and the Steeper. She has her amazing glass tea cup for reviewing and every day use. The collection will grow as soon as funds are available (ceramic, yixing, glass, blah blah.)

How do you measure your tea?

Kayla is a pro and uses the Perfect Measuring Spoon from DavidsTea. She finds it to be the perfect (see what they did there?).

Laura just wings it and uses the measuring spoons she uses to bake with. She has 3 different spoons that all measure out a tablespoon, just to switch things up.

People are telling me I'm doing it wrong! What do I do?

Calmly and nicely tell them that there is no such thing as doing something you enjoy the wrong way. And that as awesome as tea is, they need to calm their shit.
Then ignore them because their ignorance isn't worth your time.

You can't fix stupid, so go brew yourself your favorite tea and push them from your mind.

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