Friday, 29 November 2013

Santa's Secret

Santa's Secret from DavidsTea
 Ingredients : Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves, candy cane sprinkles, natural and artificial flavouring

I'll be honest, I am in no mood for writing... Myself and my family just suffered the loss of a dear pet of mine and my heart is still too broken to put much of it in to anything.

Besides that, I haven't much to say about this tea.

Yes, the little candy canes are an adorable touch to this "Christmas" tea, but it is basically a black, less creamy version of White Chocolate Frost - which I highly prefer. Peppermint, sugar and black tea... It's simple, and quite frankly, lacks the subtle elegance that I loved so much with WCF. Has a lingering taste of candy canes.

It would make an excellent stocking stuffer for a tea lover, though. Very cute.
Oh, and DT has informed my that this tea is only around until mid December (what the fuck is up with that?) so you best get your Christmas shopping done ASAP.

Happy Steeping and all that


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