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December 29th '14

Hey all! It's me, Laura. Possibly one of the raddest people you will ever meet or talk to.

Well, let's start off with the basics and work up from there!

My name is Laura Metrow. I was born in Winnipeg, MB but moved to Calgary, AB when I was about 5. My birthday is July 19th and I'm a '91 baby. I REMEMBER THE 90'S I'M COOL. OKAY? POGS. 150 POKEMON.
I live in the city, but my heart lives in the country.
I developed epilepsy in grade 9, so due to the epilepsy I can't drive.
I have a brother who is two years older than me.

Celtic sister knot that I
got with my best friend

I have two beautiful dogs; Romeo and Inky. They are Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (and cousins! Not the kissing kind!) Inky is much smarter than Romeo. She has my father wrapped around her little paw.

Zach and I
I'm engaged to a wonderful guy who I have been with for five years this past December!
He's basically the sweetest ever, and has been converted, surprisingly by the Bravissimo I hate so much.

I'm a gamer at heart, but sadly my skill doesn't reflect my love. Those who can't do, ramble on about their love! I'm slowly learning and slowly getting better.

I have some tattoos and fully intend to get more. My next tattoo is slowly forming in my mind. Slowly. Painfully slowly.
My most recent one is a memorial piece for my Grandma Wooden.
I miss her every day, but the tattoo helped with getting some closure.

Most recent Aug 9/13

Most of my tea knowledge comes from random facts I learned in post secondary and online. Everything else is opinion and experience.
I love drinking it and blogging about it, but in the end, I am a regular person. A regular person who loves tea, loves sharing my opinion, and who will try anything. Even if I'm not sure I'll like it.
Most of my tea IS from DavidsTea, I'm hoping to find more places to buy from. I have some tea now from Tea at Sea! I've tried four of their teas and have not been disappointed with the taste or quality! I still have samples that I'm super excited to try!

Grandma and Grandpa Wooden
on their wedding day.

To me, I want to have fun. This blog is a fun place to share tea, and share a part of myself with it. Lightness and enjoyment. Those are my top two goals. In life, we don't ever seem to get enough of those things.

So please don't try to harsh our mellow!

That's me in a nutshell! If you have any questions, ask away.

Drink and be merry!

Mar 10/14 - Selfie game improved
Inky is singing the song of her people

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