Kayla's Bio

Hello... I'm Kayla!
A big weirdo with a naturally nervous/please-don't-murder-me smile.
I am also incredibly terrible at anything autobiographical.


I'm a 90's baby... I love, love to write (I have a novel in the barest stages of being worked through). With writing comes the love of reading... I have a lot of tattoos and piercings... I also sing, make jewellery, draw... I'm a hobby addict. It's kind of ridiculous the way I bounce around all over the place with the things I do.

I absolutely love my family. I was a total daddy's girl (though not the princess-y type) until we lost my dad when I was sixteen, which was like losing my best friend and mentor, and the person who totally fueled my love of green teas. The experience has made me really appreciate the little things in life and never lose sight of those closest things that -or, rather, who- matter most.

I think I am the luckiest girl in the world to get to go to work every day with my mum, who is just the strongest and big-hearted woman I have ever known. Though she may have instigated my love of tea, I have by far surpassed her on the tea-crazy scale. (Can you believe the woman believes there is such thing as having "too much tea" in her house?) I don't know what I would do without her, expect to see little tidbits from her, often, in my posts.
I also have a younger brother who I have just recently converted. (muahahahaaha)

Chris and Kayla.
None of these are Yoshi, or ours

I live and love with the greatest guy I could ever ask for, who has been in my life for the best five years of my life. He won't give tea a chance, but I love him anyways. And I guess I can just take comfort in the fact that I won't ever come home and have to say "Where the fuck is my tea?!" But our little lovebird, Yoshi, certainly loves to share a cup with me.

Tea. Right.
I love tea. I have been drinking tea for as long as I can remember... please, don't ask me to give a time because I can't even guess. It was an early age, that's all I've got. It started with that sleepy-time chamomile tea (you know, the one with the bear in a night cap and stuff....?) to help me sleep whenever I had nightmares or a flu. Then we got British neighbours I liked to visit. Holy crap, did I ever drink a lot of peppermint tea in those years they lived next to us. ... And it all escalated from there.

I'm going to wrap this up because I am sure you're getting bored with this. This blog was a ridiculous idea between Laura and I that just grew in to reality. And I'm glad it did. Once my latest order gets delivered I shall share a picture of my collection with you ;)

Laura (yellow) and Myself (green) being ridiculous
right before the blog idea first came to life.

I am very excited to share my tea journey with you.
Let's have some crazy, delicious fun!
Oh, gods... that sounded filthy...

Your rambling, red-headed hostess,


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