Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas!
No post this week from me. Just wishes for everyone to have a fantastic holiday season

Drink lots of tea and have a fantastic week


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

My Christmas Break

So, I'm taking a Christmas Vacation this year. And also leaving the country for a tad.
My next post will be either on the 6th of January or the 13th of January. I'm not 100% sure.


Friday, 19 December 2014

White Lotus

Laura got me this as a sample today for Christmas!

I can immediately say that this tea will not be for everyone.

Very earthy in flavour, somewhat like bamboo, but much more earthy. That's about the only word that I can find to describe it. I know it doesn't say much, but this is a pretty obscure tea...
But I liked it!
It went well with my dinner of home-made stir fry

Sorry that this was so short and... well, pathetic.
(sorry, Laura! I really do like it)

Better luck next week

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Egyptian Chamomile

I'm watching Disney movies while I write this. Specifically Tarzan. Because damn girl, dem eyes.

I got a bunch of amazing tea from my amazing friend Katie, the one I've decided to start with is Egyptian Chamomile from the Oolong Tea House in Calgary.

Some people don't like plain chamomile tea, but I do. It's light and sweet and ever so soothing. That, and you can add it to sooooo many other teas to give them a sweeter, creamier, more relaxing, quality. Also, if you rinse your hair in chamomile tea, it lightens it.

I admit, I fell asleep after writing part of this review. So I forgot to take pictures. 'TIS THE POWER OF AMAZING CHAMOMILE.



Friday, 12 December 2014

Sleigh Ride

Ingredients:Apple, hibiscus blossoms, pineapple, papaya, beetroot, cinnamon, raisins, coconut, roasted almonds, popped rice, artificial flavouring

In the Christmas season, time to break out the festive teas!

Sleigh ride is a tea that has made a come-back for at least the last three years. So, it's reasurring that you don't have to worry about falling in love with this one -if you like it- and never being able to get your hot little hands on it ever again - as seems to be the way of DavidsTea.

I was expecting a sort of watered-down cider flavour, but with a six minute steep, I was pleasantly surprised.
While cider-like, it is incredibly full of flavour.

Apple is the most outstanding flavour of them all, the next being cinnamon. I would liken it very strongly to a hot apple cider - more so than DavidsTea's actually "apple cider" named tea!

Definitely the best (besides White Chocolate Frost) Christmas tea that I have tried from DavidsTea.

I recommend everyone have some of this tea in their home for the holidays.

Happy Steeping,


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Denerim: Gold Rush

Okay, so I'm using Gold Rush for Denerim! Why? Because despite all the poor (Like Alistair's jerkface moist, unpeeled hazelnut of a sister), it has SO MANY SHOPS.


Let me just say, I'm writing this right after I finished beating the game and getting the ending I wanted. My Character (Aaliyah) and Alistair together for 5ever. I hope it's clear that this playthrough was played for the sole purpose of getting the ending I want. This ending. My little dwarven heart has been warmed all the way through.

This tea has coconut. I'm not super excited because it literally reeks of coconut. Yet it also has white tea and mulberries so I have some hope. I may just have to plug my nose as I do it.

And it's pretty gross. I can't even place anything besides coconut. But I'm really sick so this review kinda sucks on the whole taste part. Because my entire being reeks of menthol halls. So, I may just try this tea again later. Maybe.

I swear I'm not obsessed,


My text-tone isn't Alistair saying I'm beautiful nope not me I'm not obsessed I promise. Ok I lied I'm obsessed.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Matcha Chai Latte (organic)

I have been tip-toeing about trying this one for a while.

I used 2.5 tsp of powder of the suggested 2-3, 2 tbsp of hot water to disolve that in, then mixed it in to one cup of hot milk.

Honestly, it smells gross. Something about the smell of heated milk just really puts me off, which is slightly odd, because chai lattes are kind of my love.

This is an incredibly odd drink. I love chai, and I love matcha... but this is just odd. I really wanted to enjoy it, and I keep drinking, hoping that it will taste good, but it is just weird.
It tastes like someone threw some matcha into a chai latte.

Take that as you will, I would recommend giving it a ry if you aren't put off, but I will warn that it is not exactly a cheap product. It runs around $12  can, and while you get enough product for it to be worth it, that only really means something if you USE it all.

I will definitely give some to Laura so she can share her thought on this product.
I'm not all that impressed.

Happy Steeping,



Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Redcliff: The Earl's Garden

I picked the Earl's Garden for one main reason, and one reason only. You can easily change EARL to ARL.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to pair up a tea with Redcliff??? Arl Eamon and his issues are basically the entire level, save for the start battle with the Darkspawn.

This is basically Earl Grey tea, with strawberries/berry flavoring. It smells more like just strawberries though!
I steep this on the same temperature as a herbal tea, simply because of the strawberries. It honestly DOES taste good, but I simply wish there were MORE BERRIES. VIVA LA STRAWBERRIES. But seriously, then it would be fantastic.

Fruity Earl Grey is amazing! If you have some extra dried strawberries to add, then you'll love it. If a dwarf vote strawberries over rum, then you should go for it. I mean c'mon, how often does that happen? Just be sure to add more strawberries.

I totally scheduled it wrong. My bad.

Shut up I'm not too into this don't judge me for being a fangirl

Currently questing and romancing,