Tuesday, 26 November 2013


My backyard
Moghrey mie! ('Good morning' in Gaelg, which is Manx Gaelic. It's pronounced "more-a-my")

It's time to review DavidsTea gingerbread tea!

I steeped one tablespoon for five minutes, in my handly beige, four cup teapot.  It smells amazing, but it doesn't smell like gingerbread. More like a mix of molasses and vanilla, which is kinda weird for a tea which is called fucking GINGERBREAD.
Seriously, the site claims you can smell a whole bunch of spices, INCLUDING GINGER. But, maybe my nose is broken because I literally can ONLY smell the rooibos, vanilla, and the molasses. Nothing else.

I am honestly not the biggest fan on this tea (if that wasn't already fairly obvious). I mean, I like it, but I'm not getting GINGERBREAD from this tea. I'm getting molasses. I even tried adding vanilla agave, and then maple agave to different glasses (which are amazingly delicious by the way) to see if it would boost the ginger flavor in any way, it didn't.

It tastes like a rooibos with molasses. Not something that is supposed to make me think of gingerbread or fill that craving. I honestly can't even place this as a flavor that makes me think of the winter season. Sugar and Spice does a better job of making me think of Christmas, which is sad because it's a fall tea!

In summary, if you're expecting a gingerbread party with this tea, you will probably be disappointed. But, if you are wanting something more molasses-y than ginger-y, then you will love it. I for one, wanted the gingerbread experience. It tasted good, but not great. Kind of one noted and bland.

I think it may have a bit too much honeybush, and not enough ginger, cinnamon, or cardamom. But, not every tea can be a hit I guess.

Stay warm!


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