Friday, 8 November 2013

Mountain Organic Indonesian Oolong

Mountain Org. Indonesian Oolong
From Tea at Sea

Tea at Sea. So far they haven't much to offer as for selection of teas... but who cares! They are about quality and not quantity here, that is for sure! And I absolutely love them!! Not only is this tea so gorgeous that had me ordering right after trying it, just look at what they send you with your order!!

Two samples for one little order of 50 grams of this amazing tea (which I swear I will get to very soon) and a little cork boat you get to put together. Unfortunately, the boat does not float in your tea (of COURSE I tried! Who wouldn't?!). And the packaging is just top notch and original!

I first tried this tea two Sundays ago when Laura brought it over when we had a mini tea/pizza party (what? We're on a budget, okay?!) and we made a nice big pot of it so we could both try it for the first time.
This organic tea has everything that I love about oolong - light, earthy taste with none of the bitterness- but with a sooth, creamy punch of honey! This is a simple tea with a twist of something different that I can drink by the pot-full, which I did!

I fell in love with this tea. You will too.
Every lover of straight tea should have this in their tea cupboard.
Go! GO!! Get yourself this to-die-for oolong from an adorable company.

Happy Steeping

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