Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Sweet Indulgence: Read my Lips

Ingredients: Chinese black tea, peppermint,dark chocolate, red lip sprinkles,
pink peppercorns, natural/artificial flavoring

It's time to Read my Lips!

Since it's a 1.25 tsp per cup tea, I used .75 tablespoons for my 4 cup pot. Then, per directions, steeped it for 5 minutes. The kettle was just below screaming, still whistled a little, so about the 98C I was supposed to use.

Because it's a black tea, I tasted it with milk, milk and sugar, and just sugar. As I always try to do with black teas.

With milk, well, maybe I'm super taste deficient, but I just tasted black tea that had a chocolate scent. I literally could just taste the black tea, and smelled dark chocolate. Like, oppressively strong smell.
With milk and sugar it tasted chocolatey-ish. Not enough for me to be saying "Oh, that's totally chocolate flavor". More of a "It tastes kinda like chocolate a little bit in the back ground."
With just sugar I tasted some dark chocolate, still mainly just tasted black tea, but sweeter.
When it was black I tasted mostly black tea, a little chocolate flavor, very oppressive chocolate scent.

I am not getting any more of the tea once my sample runs out. I really wasn't swept off my feet. The smell of dark chocolate didn't match the taste, there is supposed to be peppermint in this tea, but I tasted none of it.
I was looking forward to a tea that almost tasted like a piece of peppermint-chocolate (if you've had some you know what I'm talking about. And it's orgasmic.). At least even a little. It didn't even smell like peppermint-chocolate.

If you love this tea and can taste amazing things from it, then carry on, if not, you are not alone.

But DavidsTea said it would be better than dessert, and more reliable than sex. For me, It was neither.

Over and out,


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