Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Organic Le Digestif

Let me start out with saying, I feel really quite gross right now.
A headache, some nausea, major heartburn. Basically like a big bag of dicks.

Hence the Le Digestif tea. A warning, if you don't like TMI things, don't read this review. This tea is literally a blend to help you stop feeling sick, so that's what I'm talking about. I didn't want to review this tea when I felt GOOD, because I wanted to talk about the magic in REAL TIME.

Le Digestif has a bunch of fun things that can make you feel better. Best part? It actually works. And it's bedtime safe since, yay, no caffeine!
With catnip, fennel seed, ginger root, peppermint, orange peel, stevia leaf...you get the picture. It's a blend to make a tummy feel good and, I find, a head stop hurting.

Ginger root for nausea, gas, stomach cramps and heartburn.
Catnip for headaches, and tummy troubles.
Fennel for pain and fever reducing, as well as, you guessed it, tummy troubles.
Peppermint for gas and bloating (this is really helpful for painful gas buildups), and I find it helps with headaches as well.

It literally has all the natural powerhouses of tummy relief.

I personally find that, although Pepto works it can make me a little constipated. As someone who will get heartburn at the drop of a hat, and if I ever need to take antibiotics I MAJORLY risk disrupting my intestines natural flora, causing bloating and gas build up. Which hurts. It literally makes it so that breathing is hard.
So, chugging Pepto...that would not be fun.

It tastes like ginger and fennel. The peppermint leaves a nice fresh feeling in your mouth, which is really nice if you're feeling gross. It also helps take away that gross taste heartburn leaves behind. The stevia adds some sweetness. Per 4 cup pot, I put 1.5 tbsp and steep for 6ish minutes.
I honestly do like it's flavor. Some people won't, especially those that hate ginger, but it is very worth it if you feel like shit.
I mean, don't drink an entire fucking pot in one go. 4 cups will make you feel a little water-logged if you drink it in a short period of time. Have a cup, wait 10 minutes. Have a cup, wait, and so on and so forth until you're finish.

In the...hour or so it's taken me to write this up, I've started to feel better. (shhhh I kept getting distracted)

My heartburn is almost gone, my headache has been halved, my nausea is gone.


Skål and I hope everyone doesn't feel gross.



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