Monday, 7 October 2013

Pumpkin Chai milkshake!

This is the most amazing milkshake I've ever had.


I started by brewing up 2 cups of double strength Pumpkin Chai and putting it in the fridge for about 6 hours.

Then I got some vanilla Hรคagen Dazs and let it sit out on the counter for about 5 minutes, to make it a little softer, just so that it would blend a little easier.

After that, I plunked the entire container (500ml) of ice cream into the blender, and gave it a bit of a blend first, just to soften it up a little more.

I then started to add some of the cold tea, until I had the right consistency.
This is where the strength of your tea matters and may take some fiddling. You don't want a watery milkshake, so you want the tea strong enough. But, that depends on how much you're making.

I only ended up using about 1 cup of my iced Pumpkin Chai. I do recommend making too much, as opposed to too little. You can always freeze it, then thaw it when you decide to make it again! Because believe me, you will.

I personally loved it with JUST the Pumpkin Chai, but you could tinker and possibly add some extra spices, vanilla, or whipped cream! (If you could make PUMPKIN SPICE FLAVORED whipped cream, I'd imagine that would be fucking amazing)

It would be the perfect treat on a hot summer day, especially if you were having an Autumn flavor craving!

5/5 stars, and I absolutely will do again!

Because of this milkshake, I'm buying more Pumpkin Chai, and I wasn't planning on getting any more. Caffeinated milkshake!

I also had a little left over milkshake, which I just popped back in the ice cream container, and put it back in the freezer. I want to see if I can get some Pumpkin Chai ice cream!

Caffeinated ice cream!

This shit is fucking amaze balls!
No. Seriously. The only way it could be better is in a fucking waffle cone...or deep fried.

Experiment with your tea! You may end up surprised.


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