Thursday, 28 August 2014

Pomegranate Raspberry

Ingredients: Rooibos, mango bits, apple bits, rose buds, sunflower blossoms, flavour

I got this as a sample in an order from Tea Desire. One thing I would greatly like to emphasize about Tea Desire, is that their samples are enough product two make TWO generous spoonfuls of tea. You can make two pots worth with a single sample.
THAT is how you do it.

I steeped for six minutes and made enough for two cups.
No, I was not able to convince Chris to have a hot cup of tea with me. I am just soaking wet from standing in the rain waiting for the train home and I am cold.

This tea smells a little bit like Christmas. The strong notes of apple and pomegranate are probably what has me steering in that direction.

It is called pomegranate raspberry, but I really don't taste any raspberry. And though I can smell the pomegranate, I can't taste it! Mostly apple, rose, and mango paired with the rooibos that stands out, flavour-wise.

Though an excellent flavour, not at all what you might expect. You never know what you might get. I wanted more raspberry flavoured teas, but this is still really good. Everything works really well with the rooibos.

Definitely worth a trip to your local (or online) Tea Desire.

Happy Steeping,


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