Friday, 1 August 2014

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy from DavidsTea

Ingredients: Green rooibos, sprinkles, mango, brittle, natural and artificial flavouring

If you wanted cotton candy, you get cotton candy!

Incredibly sweet, especially if you steep it for as long as I did (someone left it in the fridge to cool and forgot about it... me). But it isn't bad, and you definitely get a lot of the flavour if you're going to ice it.

It was a little difficult for me to put my finger (or would that be tongue?) on the flavour of the tea itself, but it is hiding in there. And really, with something named after a treat that is just sugar and air,  how much of the tea are you really expecting to stand out?

Tastes very much like candy.

Sugar-y madness. Definitely a treat and not an every day sort of thing, in my opinion.

I certainly don't need any more of it, but I'm sure kids would go mad for it! Or any of those people who like to go about half-and-half with their sugar to tea ratios, hahaha!

Happy Steeping,


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