Tuesday, 2 September 2014

The Sweetheart Collection: Movie Night

Movie Night, by DavidsTea~!

So today I had some time alone (and it's dreary and raining and chilly out), so I decided to run myself a nice hot bath (with bubbles and essential oils, hair and face masks. And a mini-pedicure). I hella pampered myself.
With such pampering, means tea MUST be involved. It's basically a law.

Now, why did I pick Movie Night? Because I'm watching Five Nights at Freddy's by Markiplier. While in the bath. What can I say, I enjoy multitasking!

When I first opened my sampler (from the Sweetheart Collection), I smelled a mix of coconut oil, popcorn, and caramel. It made me think of a movie theater minus the stale sweat smell they get in the summer. Which is what I'm hoping was the reaction they wanted!

I steeped it for about 3-5 minutes while I got my bath all ready. I used the entire sampler for one pot (my 4 cup pot).

The downside was this tea doesn't taste like there is any tea. It tastes like plain popcorn water. On one hand, I'm happy it didn't taste exactly how it smelled because that would have been kinda gross, but on the other, at least that would have had more depth than if I had made some plain popcorn and steeped that.
Where was the sencha flavor?! WHERE????

It wasn't horrible or disgusting, I had two cups. It was just boring with a really overpowering scent. And I had peppermint oil in the bath water; so the pure fact that this scent cut through that is impressive.

Buy it, you may like it. But I really didn't.


I've discovered that doing these blog posts does help with my mental health a fair bit. It's actually pretty awesome. So that means that I'll keep doing them as long as I have tea.

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