Thursday, 14 August 2014

Caramel Corn

Caramel Corn from DavidsTea

Ingredients: apple, pineapple, caramel (milk, sugar, glucose syrup, butterfat, sorbitol, tara powder), currants (currants, vegetable oil), almonds, beetroot, coconut, popcorn, natural and artificial flavouring.
Warning: contains nuts, dairy, and coconut.

In lieu of recent sad events, I figured I could use a cheerful, crazy tea; it seems only fitting.

The ingredients in this tea are complete madness! Madness that smells like complete deliciousness!! Wow.
It does make me think of caramel-assaulted popcorn. Even if I did not get any pieces of popcorn
inside of my sample. Actually, considering the lengthy list of ingredients, I have a feeling that I may not be getting the real nature of this tea considering how plain everything looks.

I steeped for the full seven minutes suggested, and I was a little bit disappointed by the colour. It looks very pale, I was expecting to taste water that someone dropped a Wherthers in to. I wasn't completely wrong, it is very weak. You just don't get enough in a sample.

But, if you actually got a full perfect spoonful, I think this would be a really delightful, sugar-y tea.
You get a lot of apple flavour, so maybe it would have been more apt to call it Caramel Apple. It really does taste similar to the way that it smells.

Wrapping this up; it is definitely worth giving a try if you are a fan of caramel. I think I might actually buy some. I really enjoy the combination of apple and caramel.

Happy Steeping,

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