Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Around the World: Organic Saigon Chai

Okay, I've roused myself from my funk because life gets to be a lot sometimes. And to help, I have decided to do a chai. Because chai is amazing for the soul.

I was told to steep chai in a pot on the stove. I'm going to use a double boiler, because I really don't want to burn my milk, and some plain white sugar.

Firstly, let me just say the Saigon Chai SMELLS a lot better than the Pure Chai I reviewed almost a year ago but posted in March.

I steeped the sample, which is worth TWO perfect spoonfuls, in a large DavidsTea filter bag. I basically just pinned the top under the lid of the double boiler and let it sit in the hot skim milk, occasionally moving it around. It steeped for probably 5ish minutes.

And you know what, it smells better than the Pure Chai, and taste a lot better too. There is none of that dusty taste, and it is a great strength (although I would probably steep it just a little bit longer, maybe an extra two minutes). For sweetness, that's really more of a preference type thing, and I tend to enjoy things a little bit on the sweet side.

I'm buying more of this tea, because it will give me a way to make a Chai tea latte with eggnog come eggnog season. BUT IT'S STILL AUGUST. IT IS STILL SUMMER.


Continuously living in denial of the change of seasons,


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