Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Iced Tea Fun/ Just Peachy

Because it's summer and I want to do what I want and will get to specific reviews in a bit. I JUST WANT TO MAKE FANTASTIC ICED TEAS.

So this one has a tiny bit of Pink Lemonade, a sample packet of Mango Fruit Punch, a spoonful of Honeydew Mate (which I cannot find on the site right now...so it may have been discontinued?), and like 5-7 spoonfuls of Just Peachy.

I steeped it for like...5 minutes? Then poured it into my amazing plastic jug (I actually put a large DT filter in the top while pouring it, to make sure I got any particles), with some ice, and stuck it in the fridge to fully cool.

Now. Now I drink it.

And it tastes good, very peachy. Next time I make it I'm adding a lot more Just Peachy and Pink Lemonade though! This time it literally tasted of just Just Peachy, which is still very awesome, but also not as strong as I wanted (I added too much ice I think).

ignore the gravy in the bottom left

Do it, mix it, match it. Let me know your results! I added some ginger ale when I was nearing the end, and wham bam! It's even better!


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  1. Five minutes may have been the problem with the Just Peachy not being very strong.
    You need to let it really steep.
    I give mine like TEN minutes


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