Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Midsummer's Night Dream

Next post will be for my biiiiiiiiiiiirthday~! So I can't pre do it so it may be laaaate

But today, I feel sick. So I basically wanted to do a post that would help make me feel better.

So you know how, in the summer of if you live in a climate that basically is always summer, drinking a hot beverage to make yourself feel up to snuff and soothe a throat basically will cause you to melt? Well, have no fear, this tea helps soothe, both heated and iced. I introduce, Midsummer's Night Dream.

Today I made it iced. I took a shit tonne of loose leaf, steeped it for like...3-5 minutes, added ice and some extra cold water for a top up and BAM. Iced tea.

It tastes kinda tart and sweet. You can totally taste the apples and the gooseberries. Like, I can't get over how much more I enjoy this tea iced than hot! Like...I don't know to explain it, but it's just soothing and good and yummy. Add some agave or even honey when you're steeping if it isn't sweet enough.

Make it. Drink it. Enjoy it.


Also, just because it is summer and summer is for enjoyment and shit sometimes my posts may be a bit late! I'll aim for not more than 24 hours, but no guarantees.

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