Thursday, 24 July 2014

Mao Jian

Mao Jian fro DavidsTea

Ingredients: First pluck green tea from Henan Province, China.

Only available in stores, I noticed it completely by accident, hiding on the back shelf under the tea shelves. Barely advertised, and not mentioned at all by the sales clerks (even when I asked to know what was new), who seemed more interested in insisting that I try the new summer teas.

Taking a sniff from the bag once I got home instantly reminded me of when I used to work in a pet store... Alfalfa. A sickly-sweet kind of grassy scent, which I still can't decide how I feel about.

Once brewed, I found it definitely has the asparagus/artichoke scent that the description talks about. It puts me off a bit, thinking of drinking something that looks a bit like wee and smells like asparagus. (this is how my mind works)
But Yoshi seems to like it because he currently has his face dunked in my mug as I type this before I have even had a single sip.

Pleasantly -and greatly- surprised!
I can see why the little bird won't leave it alone. Very sweet, amazingly fresh, light green. I love it.

I recommend everyone give this a try before it isn't fresh any more!
Get your butt to a DavidsTea if you love a light green.

 Happy Steeping,


I am struggling to drink around my bird. He refuses to get off the lip of my mug while I'm trying to drink. He nudges at my nose and eye as I tip to drink.
Honestly, tea lovers, I don't recommend a pet that loves tea as much as you do.


  1. what is this Mao Jian ?Is this a green tea ?it looks good ,But I don't have any idea about this ,Tell me the details like its benefits and pricing ,so that I will try this .

    1. It is a green, I would say it's similar to a sencha, sort of....
      You can not get it online, I checked. So I'm afraid I can't tell you much about it, including price.
      It is considered a fresh tea, and apparently a bit rare, so it may be on the more expensive side, if you can still find it.

      Best of luck.
      Sorry I can't be of more help. Try stopping in to a local Davids Tea or you are out of luck until next year's harvest of the tea, I'm afraid.


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