Friday, 11 July 2014

Oolong Supreme

Oolong Supreme from DT

Ingredients: Dang Cong Oolong tea from Wudang Mountains, China.

As someone who absolutely loves oolongs, I was so excited when I heard that DT was bringing in two new, high quality ones. Today, I decided on supreme, because it certainly gets your attention with a name like that.

I steeped for three minutes (I like strong oolongs) with water as close to 80 degrees as I could manage. I really need to get myself a fancy, temperture setting kettle... but I have priorities at the moment that, sadly, do not involve tea. So, for now, I have to use a thermometre.

Wow! This tea.
It's a smooth, roasted nuttiness that just throws me for a loop trying to describe (was that a good enough description?). From the roasted flavour, I was honestly expecting a very strong, lingering bitterness - there isn't any. Nothing but deliciousness.
It can make the palate a little dry, so I would recommend going for two minutes steep time instead. You won't lose any of the amazing flavour, and will make the experience all the more enjoyable.
This dryness could also be attibuted to how hot it has been all week, making me feel incredibly thirsty almost constantly, but I still recommend starting with lower times and seeing how you feel.


It is beautiful outside, and though a little too hot for someone of my disposition to enjoy with a hot drink in hand, this tea is something to definitely enjoy in the cooler comforts of the indoors.

I will definitely be getting myself more.

Excellent work, DT. You made this oolong fan super happy!

Happy Steeping,

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