Thursday, 3 July 2014

Lime Gelato

Lime Gelato from DT
Ingredients: Apple, sencha green tea, pineapple (candied), lemongrass, and artificial creamy lime yogurt flavouring.

I am a sucker for anything lime. I'm a little bit psycho over limes. Yet, I avoided trying this tea for so long because a good friend of mine told me that she thought it was disgusting, and "creamy lime yogurt flavouring" sounds kind of... awful. But, I finally got it as a sample in one of my online orders, and after a sales girl insisted it was good when chilled, that's what I decided to try today.

Well, I'll be damned! SUNSHINE!
My first sip instantly made me think of lime greek yogurt - something I am a pretty  big fan of. But the more I drink, the more I just taste the lemongrass.
My imagination was deceiving my taste buds. THE FIEND!
It has s smooth, almost creamy lemongrass flavour, but it is NOT lime. Where da lime at, davidstea?! WHERE?! Even the coconut lime (haven't tried that yet) from Tea Desire has ACTUAL LIME PIICES IN IT. Get with the program. You say lime, give us LIME. Please note: lemon is not lime. LemonGRASS is most definitely NOT LIME.

Well, I do believe that I have abused my caps lock enough for today, the poor bugger.

It's not absolutely disgusting, but it reminds me far too much of something you drink when you are sick with the flu or some other nasty bug thing that always seems to assault my system in the winter months. It is not the delicious, limey Italian desert they promised... not at all....

My friend was right, and I am glad that I listened to her.
Until DavidsTea learns what a lime is, I recommend not wasting your time -or money- on this one.

 This tea is not for me!

Happy Steeping,

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