Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Tea and Hair: Day 2-7

Day 7
On day two, my curls were soft and tight, and shiny. By the end of the day it still looked pretty good, curls still behaving, if not a little frizzy. But, I could gently ruffle my hair at the roots, and although I got extra volume (which really, I didn't need but looked like I was attempting the 80s  fun) the curls still stayed intact, just a little more free. My hair was shiny at the start of the day, and at the end.

We had a major weather change on the third day, it got colder and started to snow. So my hair was a little drier and a little frizzier. But, still nice and soft.

I straightened my hair on day four and I swear to the gods it has never been more shiny and soft and...cooperative when being straightened. I even slept on it and left it for the next day (which meant no spray because otherwise I'd curl up again), and on day 5 it was still fairly straight, just a bit frizzy at the ends
Day 7

I had to use Zachs shampoo and conditioner on day six, my hair hates it because it's too heavy for my hair. So I was a little floppy. My hair was still shiny though.

On the final day of my first week my hair looked nice, felt nice. All around good hair.
I'm feeling sick today (amazing time for getting a cold), so I'm just drinking my Cold 911 (shhh, I'll review it eventually), to feel better. My weekly hair update picture sucks though, so sorry. And yes, I did take them in bed.

Overall, I am still happy with the results I'm getting, so this is absolutely going to continue!


Day 7

Day 7

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