Thursday, 20 February 2014

La La Lemon (organic)

LaLa Lemon from DavidsTea
 Ingredients: Organic FairTrade black tea from China, orange peel, natural lemon and orange flavouring.

Orange? Orange?? There isn't any lemon peel in a LEMON tea?!?! Off to a great start here, DT.

This tea literally just tastes like citrus peel and black tea. The peel part really stands out, by which I mean, it's quite bitter. I would definitely recommend a lower steeping time. I struggle to taste the lemon over the orange, which is disappointing because I love lemon in straight black tea.

BUT! This tea is great for a lemon-y ICED tea. I made a jug of this during the summer (OH, GODS! SUMMER, PLEASE COME BACK!!!!) and added half a lemon, sliced. It was lovely. A very typical American iced tea. (I say American because in Canada, we like our iced tea to be comprised of sugar, sugar and moooore sugar -- what a twist!)

This would have been much better if I had actually had a lemon slice to plop in to my cup, but ALAS, I did not. So it was orange-peel-y.
In closing, I need more lemon in my lemon tea. LEMON, not orange. Lemon.... The yellow one. 

To the store, for some fresh lemon!!

Happy Steeping,



LEMON Because I didn't say it enough.
THIS is a lemon
This is NOT a lemon

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