Thursday, 13 February 2014

Forever Nuts ~ Happy Valentine's

Ingredients: Apple, almonds, cinnamon, beetroot and artificial flavouring

So, this is the only Valentine's dubbed tea from DavidsTea that I own, and I wasn't going to go out and buy any of the other ones (as lovely as they sound) because I'm on a budget.
Also, I will admit that I laughed - a lot- when DT chose FOREVER NUTS as a Valentine's tea. Get why? The twelve-year-old inside of my head sure did, and wouldn't shut up about it. heh heh... nuts.

This tea smells as amazing as it is pink. And holy crap, is it ever pink! That's probably why they actually chose it as a V-Day tea (I got tired out typing out the whole word, already), but I like my idea more because it's funny.

It looks like pink lemonade. What?!
Let me just say, my mum LOOVES this tea. I took over my first ever (and brand new) bag of 50grams a few years ago when I went to visit and I forgot it when I went home. I went back three days later, AND SHE USED ALL OF IT! My mum is amazing, but she's a tea theif!

It tastes EXACTLY the way it smells, which is exactly like the ingredients. ...exactly...... (sorry, looks like someone needs to brush up the the thesaurus) 
 I kind of forgot how amazing and comforting it is. I don't want to say cider because, though it has a very strong taste of apples, it is really something all on it's own. DT really hit this tea on the nose, which must be why they have it in their starter kit; everyone who tries it, loves it! It's great for people of all ages. And birds.

Happy Moronic-Corporate-BS-Holiday

Tell the people you love that you love them ALL the time! Because they deserve it. Doing something "special" on V-Day isn't special. SURPRISES are special!
Unless you normally don't do anything, then that would be a surprise, too! YAY!

Just a little love advice from Dr. K  ;)
Not a real doctor

Happy Steeping

PS  Sorry the cup picture sucks.

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