Tuesday, 18 February 2014


My next few reviews are all going to be from my collection of free samples! Wooohooo!
Today's tea is Brazillionair!


When brewing it, it smelled almost chocolatey, almost creamy. It is yummy, but it is also overbearing, and a little musty. So I was fairly undecided at this point. I honestly couldn't even tell if I liked how it smelled.

The sample was 1.5 tsp, for 1 cup, and steeped for 6 minutes. Because I'm a square who follows directions! 

It basically tasted how it smelled. Creamy, chocolatey, musty, a little nutty, the faintest of tea note in the background. It had a more complex flavor than I thought it would, yet I honestly can't say it was my favorite tea at all. The fact that everything was so BAM IN YOUR FACE was more of a turn off than I thought it would be.

To me, this tea seemed to be lacking balance. It could have been the fact that this was just a sample, and I just got a poor blend up of everything (if so, then that is really unfortunate, since a sample is supposed to get you hooked), but either way, it just wasn't quite right.

Tone down some of the coconut and maybe less tree nut, bring out some of the black tea more, and add more raisins, then it would probably taste a lot better. But as it was in the sample? It is absolutely a no-go for me.

Toodles poodles!


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