Thursday, 6 February 2014

Sweet Strawberry

Sweet Strawberry from DavidsTea

Ingredients: White tea, strawberries, rosehips, white silver needles, hibiscus, stevia, natural flavouring.

As gorgeous as that spoonful may look, that is about every single spoonful you will get; lots of strawberry, so very very little tea. But it smells like beautiful, juicy strawberries and it just makes your mouth water, like hot strawberry jam in a bowl of porridge. I would say this is more of an herbal tea than white, but I may add some white peony to it, as I have much to spare and it could really give this tea more... tea... But, perhaps I just got shafted on the tea.
I'm quite proud of this one! Pretty!

It tastes primarily of strawberries with a slight hint of rosehips. I can't even taste the tea. 
That isn't to say there isn't something sweetly delicious about it, but I wish I was tasting tea before the fruit. Come on! It's the MAIN ingredient listed on the tin!!
I am a little disappointed, tea wise... But it is amazing. And I use a spoonful in every fruit iced tea batch that I make.

 And holy shit, does it ever smell good! I want to make a perfume or shampoo of this smell, BATHE in this tea!

If fruit teas are your thing, wow! This is for you. Strawberry heaven.

Happy Steeping

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