Thursday, 2 October 2014

Salted Caramel

Ingredients: Black tea, English toffee, caramel, coconut, sea salt, natural and artificial flavouring*.
Contains soy, coconut, milk and almonds 

In the tin, salted caramel certainly smells exactly like its name-sake. Dark and sweet, it is definitely enticing.

I steeped for five minutes, but would recommend starting with four, this tea is very strong.

Knowing DavidsTea, like myself you may expect something incredibly sweet and artificial. This tea may surprise you.
To me, despite the strength of my brew, I tasted a delicately sweetened black tea. While certainly a unique, almost smokey flavour, it is nowhere near as sweet as expected. It would be a perfect pairing with chocolate, actually.

This tea is pretty simple but delicious, and there isn't much else to say.
Just don't underestimate its strength.

Happy Steeping,


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