Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Around the World: North African Mint

This tea has licorice root in it. Hate speech time, because I fucking hate licorice.
North African Mint by DavidsTea.

I hate this tea. Not with a burning passion. Just with a "oh my god get this out of my mouth".

The overwhelming scent is of clove and cardamom. Which, is AMAZING and why I picked it for an autumn tea. It's a fall smell.

So I happily steep myself some, per directions, and then take a sip.

Only if I let it sit in my mouth did I taste any mint. Like it NEEDED to hang out in my gob for a few more seconds for my body to say "oh yes, there is a TOUCH of mint".

It tasted kinda like a cleanser or some sort. Everything just mixed together in a bad way. Like...if some of those ingredients were pruned down, it may have been salvageable.

As for this time, I wasted an entire pot of tea on this :(


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