Friday, 24 October 2014

Green Tea Pocky

Pocky! The delightful Japanese biscuit stick treat that I have been a fan of since I discovered them back when I was maybe ten years old.

Now, I have always been partial to strawberry pocky, or the super fancy kind with crushed nuts... but when a coworker gave me my first box of GREEN TEA pocky, I was so excited to finally try it!

You open the bag and it instantly smells of matcha. And the funny thing is, the box says "green tea", but the baggy inside says "matcha" on it. Looks like someone in the English labeling facililty got confused and decided "fuck it! Label it ALL THE THINGS!"

These are amazing. Nothing but incredibly smooth and creamy matcha flavour. I was honestly expecting some grit to it, but there isn't any all - super smooth.

Now, I know that the average Pocky fan may not be into these, but green tea lovers, REJOICE! This is one amazing treat! And a funn way to get a dose of matcha!

I will now be hunting down ALL of the matcha flavoured treats out there.
Kitkats, aero... other candies and chocolates that I a sure are in abundance in Japan.

Happy munching,


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  1. The sushi station at my grocery store started carrying these and they make me so happy :)


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