Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Tea at Sea Samples II

I'm excited for this post.

I've been waiting to try the samples until it (their samples are fantastic and you get a lot, so I COULD have tried them before, but I DIDN'T).
Tea at Sea tea just...oooo I'm always excited for it! BECAUSE IT IS GOOD.

oops, it's upside down. 
Reading the description makes me excited. So I steeped it to the directions.

For a black tea, it is not such an opaque-ish sort of black.The color is dark, but more like how...Crown Royal looks.
So for the flavor...I do get that cedar. It has a nice, mellow (not harsh or bitter), sweet-ish, cedar-y flavor. And I quite like it. Honestly, it seems like one that may be nice to use to make a chai-style tea.

Would buy again! 

Secondly is Ceylon Pekoe. I'm a bit biased, because really Pekoe is one of my least favorite black teas. So...take none of what I say to heart, unless positive.

It's a little darker than the previous tea, and definitely more of that pekoe scent.

It tastes very similar to a regular pekoe.  So...I'm gonna leave it there. If you like Pekoe, you'll really, really, like this tea. If not, then you won't.
It's not a bad tea by any means, just not for me.

Again, Tea at Sea does not disappoint.


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