Friday, 5 September 2014

Sweet Apple Cider

Sweet Apple Cider from DT
Ingredients: Apple, apple pomace, sweet blackberry leaves, apple flavouring, artificial vanilla and cream flavouring.

My awesome brother bought this for me and brought it over because I was having a super shitty day. He insisted that I try it, so I am trying it. Even though it smells amazing, I was still apprehensive. 

Expecting something water-y that tastes mildly of dehydrated apples, was I surprised.

This stuff has some full-bodied flavour. Sweet, tangy, a hit of spice... It tastes like cider! And my favourite part about it is that it tastes like cider that isn't murdered with spice, like they usually are. The spice is so mild that I may just be making up the flavour in my head!
Thick apple base with lots of sweet creaminess.

I am so impressed.
This is a MUST for the autumn. Wow!!!
This blew my mind way more than the all-time DT crowd favourite, Pumpkin Chai.

Everyone who has any kind of spot in their heart for cider, or just apples! You must try this!

 A word of caution... Do not steep this longer than four minutes or it will taste like a candle.

Happy Steepping,


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