Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Organic Peppermint Amour

I honestly am pessimistic about this tea. Not because I think it will be bad, but because it is peppermint tea. And, I mean Peppermint Amour, really? Let's see if this peppermint tea makes me say "Oh mon cher, Je t'aime!"
Much wow. Very excite.

There really isn't anything that needs perfecting about peppermint tea.

I used half of the little sample container, which is about one full Perfect Spoonful. Keep in mind, that's about double that is in one regular tea bag. And still a little more than would be in two regular tea bags. So it better be fucking strong. I steeped it for like 5-7 minutes, because I like my peppermint to be strong like Xena. I was so obsessed with her as a kid I still don't know how I got away with watching her at like 8. Please come take me away on your horse I love you


Well, it smells like run of the mill organic bagged peppermint tea. Aaaaaaand it's nothing special. It is basic peppermint tea. No love here, because it's almost 6 dollars for a 50g bag. And you can get easily pre-packaged bagged peppermint tea at the grocery store for cheaper.

The flavor is good, but it's just peppermint tea. No better than Tetley or Tazo. Save your money and time and space and get the bagged stuff.

 Much love mon cher!


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