Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sugar and Spice: Revisted

I'm typing this at work. Because I have no laptop and want to schedule this just in case I don't get it back (today's date is September 3rd).

So I made it in the double boiler, with some vanilla agave.

Using two scoops of Sugar and Spice (more rationing! It isn't back this year!), in have a teapot of milk (so about 2ish cups) and about a tablespoon of agave, I steeped in on the stove, in the double boiler.

And let me tell you, it was a good idea. It was less like a cookie though, and more like a Autumn-in-a-mug-latte. It warmed me through and through. Which is perfect because, just like last year, it's gross and raining and cold out today.

If they had more Sugar and Spice for sale this year, I'd make this even STRONGER, but they don't. Maybe I'll revisit Pumpkin Chai if my laptop isn't back by the day this posts...and if it isn't back BY THE NEXT WEEK, then I guess I'll have to carry on without my laptop and just post from work, and add pictures in other ways. (Turns out, adding pictures on my phone app doesn't work too well. Read: AT ALL)

I'm quite irritated about my laptop, because I made a beautiful schedule of which teas I wanted to do each month. I planned all the way up to January, even some of February (with some tentative spots for any seasonal tea)!


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  1. If you liked Sugar and Spice you might want to try the Snickerdoodle. It's not exactly the same but might come close enough :)


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