Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Three Wishes

I know Kayla reviewed this back in 2013, SO NOW IT IS MY TURN.

This tea is lovely.


My one qualm with the tea, is the artificial flavoring. It doesn't elaborate as to what the flavoring is flavored as, so it's not 100% positive what belongs to what. Honestly though, the tea still tastes great so fuck it.

My qualm with DavidsTea is that they have it in JUST the Black Tea section, instead of both the Green and Black. Considering it has both green and black tea in it, it just seems unfair and misleading! I'M BEING PETTY. DON'T JUDGE.

A little tip with this tea, I've brewed it at both a full boil, like you would normally do for a black, and then at the lower temperature that tends to suit greens better, and SURPRISINGLY brewing it as if it were JUST a black tea is what works best. That may be why it is in the black tea section

It smells kind of pineapple-y, kind of mango-y. Basically really refreshing. I have tried it iced. It get's this weird bitter after bite, and loses the fruity qualities. 2/10. Would not do again.

Flavor wise you can absolutely taste both the green and the black tea, with a hint of that pineapple-y and mango-y taste.  This is one of those teas from DavidsTea that makes me keep coming back. Lately there are fewer and fewer of those, which makes me sad.

But, this tea rocks. Go buy it. Like, right now. But don't ice it, you'll feel bitter and disappointed.


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