Thursday, 19 June 2014

Birthday Cake

Ingredients: red and green rooibos, honeybush, sprinkles, ice cream bits, natural and artificial flavouring.

Well, it is still less than a week after my birthday... Not sure why I didn't think of this for last week, when Friday's post was only one day before my birthday.
Twenty-three. yyaaa-- eh, I feel absolutely no different.

Birthday Cake is not just a tea for birthday celebrations. It is for every type of celebration! Got a promotion? Birthday Cake. Got engaged? Birthday Cake! Hell, you just had a pretty awesome day? Birthday Cake!
It's even great for when you need a sweet pick-me-up on those not-so-pleasant days.


The best way to describe the flavour is if they made a rooibos and vanilla icecream. That is this tea. I don't really see the association with birthday cake. Maybe an ice cream cake. Ice cream cake with a side of rooibos tea. 
Holy shit, why have I never done this for my birthday?! 

Smooth and creamy rooibos that is the ultimate way to cheer yourself up or celebrate without this "guilt" I hear people talk about in regards to eating cake - apparently that exists? 

Have your... sort-of-cake and... drink it too....
Eh, metaphores aren't my bag.

This tea is DELICIOUS. Get some. For yourself and everyone you know.
Happy Birthday

Happy Steeping,


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