Friday, 6 June 2014

Mind Over Matcha

The Mind Over Matcha smoothie from Booster Juice!
Yes, I'm being lazy. I am still not in the mood to write and I'm drinking one right now.

Chris and I absolutely love this booster juice smoothie. Though he gets the original and I substitute the blueberries for bananas (WAY better!), you really can't go wrong either way.

A generous helping of matcha, soy milk, frozen vanilla yogurt, blueberries (Seriously, get bananas instead), whey protein powder, ice.

It's the only thing we ever get there. Last time we went and they told us that they were out of matcha, I had a mini panic attack because I had to choose something else. Chris said I turned to him with a blank expression and said "There's nothing I can get". NEWSFLASH, I am a drama queen!

Super delicious and incredibly good for you!

The matcha is a perfect flavour and it really helps get rid of that nasty aftertaste that soy tends to have (that's not just me, right?)

This is a must try.

Things will be back to normal next week, I promise.
Thanks for putting up with me.


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