Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tea at Sea Sample x2

Hey all! Today, we do samples. Two of many, many sample packets I have.

Luckily for me, Tea at Sea gives samples large enough to make a full post (unlike DT where some of their samples are only enough for one cup). Also, their sample packets are resealable. So if you only want to make a single cup to try, you can and you won't have to throw any away! It can also work as a little travel pack to take some looseleaf to work. Plop it in it's matching sample bag, and off you go!

I have a deep rooted love for Tea at Sea's product, as small as it is. It's down to Earth (no frills and no fucking coconut), all natural, all tea leaf. Sometimes it's nice to ground yourself in the basics again, to refresh yourself from all the fancy flavors from this, that and the other thing. Appreciate the natural, and different, flavors that comes from different preparation and growing methods.

Also, their tins and sample packs and labels are cute.

The first pot I made was of their Ceylon Sencha. It's a Sri Lankan green. The dry leaves smelled almost fruity, but upon steeping it smelled a little more like seaweed. The tea itself smells warm, and light.

The flavor is exactly as described on the label. Smooth, mellow, mild taste with a slight sweetness. It's earthy and relaxing. I just loved this pot of tea. I wanna buy some! So. Fucking. Good.

The second tea I made was a pot of their Ceylon FFEXSP (Flowery Fannings Extra Special). This tea is Sri Lankan and steeped at about the same temperature as white tea. Yet, it does not look like a white tea, or smell like one. In fact, it smells like a black tea.

It's yummy, but it's not as yummy as the Sencha. It is nice and earthy, and very smooth. It's really, in the end, just not the tea for me.

One good, one not so much for me. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me! Thank you Tea at Sea, for never disappointing me.


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