Thursday, 22 May 2014

Just Peachy

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Ingredients: Apple, sweet blackberry leaves, peach, natural and artificial flavouring.

I tried this for the first time this Saturday while waiting for Chris to get a hair and beard trim. The barber shop was only two stores down from DavidsTea and I could not resist popping over for a nice cold drink. I also wanted to try something different and new, so I went with Just Peachy.


The biggest wow. I was SO surprised by this tea. So surprised, in fact, that I went back and bought some less than five minutes later, literally.
THIS is a peach tea!

It tastes almost exactly the way that it smells. So peachy and delicious. It's not sweet, but you don't need any sugar added. Nothing needs to be added. Peachy heaven. I was afraid that the apple would over power the peach, but it definitely does not. It tastes like apple and peach juice, without a bunch of sugar-y junk in it.

I made myself some at home the very same day! Does this tell you how in love with the amazing iced tea I am? It should. Especially since I have a whole jug of a "cluster fruit" (as Laura so awesomely called it) of iced teas.

I have yet to perfect the making of on the spot iced tea, like they do in store... but soon. Soon...

Bravo, DT. You made an iced tea that I am just crazy about.

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