Thursday, 8 May 2014

Cool Cucumber

Cool Cucumber from DT

Ingredients: Black tea, honeydew melon, cucumber, sunflower, blue mallow blossoms, natural and artificial flavouring.

Yet another you-can-only-get-this-in-the-spring-collection tea. Even though Laura gave me her bag from her collection, I actually tried it for the first time at DavidsTea in store the other day. I had a free tea for joining some frequent customer thing or something (I wasn't paying too much attention and only heard "FREE TEA"), so she suggested Cool Cucumber on ice. Why not?

I was nervous... the smell of the tea is strange, to say the least. Like... gum? It's a very sweet kind of peppermint and it is quite strong. But Chris smelled it and said I was being weird and should try it, so...
Is this tea supposed to be like a cucumber mojito??

The melon and the peppermint are both outstanding flavours, but you do get a good taste of the cucumber as well. The closest flavour likeness that I can think of is the melon flavoured Hi-Chew (like a delicious Japanese starburst kind of candy). The flavour is nowhere near as assaulting to the nastebuds as the scent is to the nose. Light and sweet with a really cool twist of peppermint. It's very unique, and I actually would not mind buying more. I found it really relaxing to sip at. And it would probably make an excellent cocktail base!

Chris even tried it and said that it was not bad. THAT'S A BIG DEAL, GUYS! He also said it reminded him of watermelon fruit roll-ups.
General consensus; it apparently tastes like a variety of melon-y candies.

I have not tried this hot, but I'm quite sure that it was not meant to be enjoyed that way... at least not by me! I may update in the future when I feel like giving it a go, but for now... try it iced; very lovely.

It grows on you.
Yup, I need to buy more!

Happy steeping,


PS No pictures because I drank it all while we wandered the mall.

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