Thursday, 24 April 2014

Tea. Earl Grey. Hot

In the spirit of the Calgary Comic Expo starting this Thursday...
I'm NERDING IT UP with a classic.

or it won't. stop.
I also suck at vine

Earl Grey from Davids Tea!

Ingredients: Black tea, cornflower petals, Bergamot oil
 (Duh! It's Earl grey. What did you expect?!)

I steeped for 4 minutes because when you take a sniff of the leaves, WOW - Bergamot!
And after you steep it, it's still WOW - Bergamot!

This is your classic Earl Grey... with a punch! The bergamot is incredibly powerful. But it's kind of rekindling my old love of earl grey tea. It could do with some lemon, perhaps... Or a little cream. It's not common for me to drink this without something in it, and the bergamot is just so strong in this one that a little bit of cream would do it some good. But ALWAYS TRY FIRST!

I bought some super powerful vanilla flavoured rooibos to see if I can make my own cream of earl grey with the plain one I have. We shall have to see how that goes.

But for now...

Live long and prosper,


Bergamot - warp TWELVE!

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