Friday, 18 April 2014

Big Apple

Big Apple from DT
Ingredients: White tea (Mao Feng), green tea (Wu Lu and Guangxi), apple, artificial flavouring

Continuing with the purging of my massive collection of samples I let pile up from orders... Big Apple from DavidsTea.

This tea smells super sweet and apple-y when you open the pack. Yoshi went completely nuts and got a little nasty and loud until I gave him a piece of tea leaf to munch on (yes, he loves tea in all it's forms).
 It smells just as amazing once you steep it, too. I did it for 4 minutes of the 3-4 suggested.
You may expect something like a cider, but no. It isn't cider, but it isn't apple juice either. I can't put my finger on what style of apple it reminds me of, but I really don't care. The smell!

Apple juice and green tea. That is honestly what it tastes like. Simple and sweet - but not too sweet, like I expected it to be.

I'm not a huge apple person. But this is pretty nice, refreshing and light.  Would be better on a day that it isn't snowing like crazy. (Isn't it almost MAY?!) 

Oh yeah. And DavidsTEa IS still selling it! 

Happy Steeping,

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