Thursday, 10 April 2014

Mountain Organic Indonesian Green

Indonesian Green
from Tea at Sea

Ingredients: Organic green tea from the Halimum mountains in Indonesia.

I am finally. FINALLY. Starting to go through my samples that I have let build up for a little too long.
Starting off with one of the two I got from my order from the fantastic -and adorable- company, Tea at Sea.

As soon as I poured the steeped tea (I did a little longer than recommended by accident; 8 minutes) in to my cup, it had a very distinct seaweed arouma. So fresh. I am so excited, considering how much I loved their oolong, that I am near risking burning my face off so I can finally taste it.

I will take a moment as I wait to not burn my mouth all to hell to tell you about what Tea at Sea is offering that I think is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!
You can get a 5g sample of ALL TEN of their teas for only $8 before shipping!!

This is a fantastic organic green. The seaweed is light and refreshing, not at all over powering. Their description mentions a slight fruity flavour, and I can definitely get a hint of it. This tea is FRESH. Even though I over did the steeping, my tongue is not being assaulted with horrible bitterness, as many greens tend to do for me.

Tea at Sea, you nailed it. 
Picture yourself up on a mountain ridge looking over the ocean with a nice cup of tea nestled in the palms of your hands.
Nailed it.

A green-lover's delight.

Happy Steeping,

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