Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Around the World: Main Squeeze

Ah, a Mate tea. The stimulant of the tea world.

This morning, I absolutely need it. It's a 'why do I have to get out of bed" day. Which, on a workday? Yeah, not a good thing. It's gross and cold out no I didn't write this in March. Don't judge me

This is my first time trying this tea, so yay for surprises!
This tea smells lovely. Uplifting and citrus-y. Which, it definitely a good way to start! I'm also singing Defying Gravity under my breath. Don't judge me.

It doesn't TASTE super fruity. But a citrus scent lingers after you swallow, and there is a light citrus flavor that is DEFINITELY there.

But really, what we all really want to know is if you'll get the 'stimulant' part of this tea. Because let's be honest with ourselves, to wake up we'll drink some gross shit.

I definitely feel more awake. And not a "I just injected myself with an espresso" buzz. But a legit awake. Which is a bonus to feel the 'awake' without the caffeine jitters.

It was a good call to drink an entire pot of this this morning.

Although I don't think that I'll buy more, because it's just not the flavors I'm really gunning for. Unless I just got a shitty sample, so this may change when I finish the last part of my sample.

Tata for now!


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