Thursday, 27 March 2014


Bamboozled from DT

Ingredients: Pineapple, bamboo leaves, peach, apple, peach crunchy , peony petals, rose buds, artificial flavouring

Tah-da!! Finally, I am reviewing something from DavidsTea that is STILL available!!
(way to finally get your shit together, Kayla)

I have never had a bamboo tea... Come to think of it, I'm not sure i have ever consumed bamboo in any form. So I was quite interested to try this fruity cornucopia. It smells so light and fruity when you take a big sniff of it dry, and when it is steeping you can really smell the bamboo.

I can really, really taste the peach and pineapple. I assume that unfamiliar flavour is bamboo, and it adds a delightful woodsy type flavour. I picture myself just chillin' in a bamboo forest -just not the suicide one- as I sip at this fruity, but delightfully unique flavour. 
Fruity, floral, bamboo....y? I certainly am BAMBOOZLED trying to pin down the flavour of this mad delicious concoction. 

Icing this with some sprite and cucumber slices would be heaven. But it is still shitting snow from the sky here, so I am in no mood to get all fancy and summery with my drinks. Okay, and lazy. But it would be delicious. 

Obligatory panda tells you to try this tea!!


Happy Steeping,

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